Difference Between Convection & Conventional Ovens


The oven has become a part of every household nowadays, with which you can cook a variety of dishes. Let us tell you that there are also types of ovens, so in this post, we will know about what is a convection oven, what is a conventional oven, convection vs conventional ovens pros and cons, differences, benefits, etc.

The main feature of the oven is that the longer you keep a certain food inside, the hotter it gets. This limits the options when people want to bake or fry their dishes at a constant temperature. Though the convection and conventional ovens look alike from the outside, when you look inside, the difference between the two is clearly visible. Conventional ovens only have top and bottom heating elements whereas convection ovens add a fan to circulate the hot air within the cavity.

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Below we will understand the difference between a Convection oven and a Conventional oven in detail.


What Is Convection Oven?

Convection oven This is an oven that has fans to circulate air around the food, which gives a lot of heat. The fan and exhaust system of this convection oven reduces the moisture content in the oven so that the food becomes crisp and brown on the outside and remains juicy from the inside.

Convection ovens have a convection setting, which activates the fan, exhaust system, and third heating element. With the convection setting you are taking full advantage of the benefits of your convection oven and without the convection setting your oven works just like a traditional, thermal oven.

Convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air around the cavity of the oven, reducing hot and cold spots and helping to cook dishes more evenly on each rack.

What Is A Conventional Oven?

Conventional Oven This is an oven that does not have a convection fan to circulate the hot air. Therefore dishes can cook faster or slower depending on their location inside the oven.

People feel more comfortable cooking with conventional ovens as they do not need to adjust the time and temperature keeping in mind the hot air circulation and faster cooking times.

Conventional ovens have two heating elements, which heat the air inside the oven for cooking and the heating element on the bottom of the oven is used for most of the cooking and baking, while the heating element on the top is used mostly for broiling. is used for. And one more thing, in this the food closest to the active heating element cooks the fastest.

Convection Oven Benefits, Advantage

  • In Convection Oven, you can cook better food for many dishes at once.
  • In this, you can do baking, browning, crisping, and roasting.
  • Cooks food faster and more evenly.
  • Its fast-moving hot air accelerates baking and roasting.
  • They are more energy-efficient.
  • No need to preheat the oven for roasting and some baking.
  • The hot air circulation helps in cooking the dishes evenly.

Convection Oven Disadvantage:

  • Recipes require adjustments.
  • This convection oven is not ideal for gentler baking.
  • Some fans can make more noise than a conventional oven.
  • Are more expensive than conventional ovens.
  • If the cooking time is not adjusted properly then there is a high chance of food burning.

Conventional Oven Benefits, Advantages

  • The conventional oven is better for baking than a convection oven.
  • Cooking time, functionality, and temperature settings are easy to make in this oven.
  • They are more efficient in a wide range of baking, from both cookies and pies to delicate cakes and pastries.
  • Its fans make less noise than compared to a convection oven.
  • Conventional ovens generally cost less than convection models.
  • It's easy to use.

Conventional Oven Disadvantage:

  • Sometimes there is uneven baking and roasting.
  • Conventional ovens take longer to cook than convection models.
  • Can burn food that is too close to its heating elements.
  • Cooking many dishes lowers their temperature, which can increase the cooking time.
  • It uses more energy.

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